Welcome to the Pathway to Purpose Blog!

We are glad you are here for the first post to the Pathways to Purpose blog! Why a blog? This is an opportunity to provide insight to the awesomeness of God, His word and His love through social media. It’s a chance to reach outside the walls of the church to encourage people to come inside the walls of the church to learn more about God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

The Pathway to Purpose blog is an extension of Destiny Christian Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where our Pastors, Drs. Robert and Sheila Poole have been illuminating the Pathway to Purpose through the teaching of God’s word since 2001.

When you stop by our blog, you’ll find insight from Dr. Robert Poole from the messages he is currently teaching; you’ll learn from Dr. Sheila Poole how to break down scripture using the S.O.A.P. method of study to gain a better understanding of the Bible.

You will also find Biblical insight on marriage, finances, prayer and so much more!

Make sure you subscribe below so you don’t miss any of the inspiring articles on our blog.

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